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The Truth About Achievement

Are you like the many who believe that reaching success brings you happiness?

All of us having something that is missing from our lives.  We think that if we achieve the hole will be filled up and we will feel better about ourselves.  We think people will look at us differently, or we are going to get to a level where we feel complete as a person.

But really what happens is the more success you have the more driven you become for the wrong reasons, you become unhappy.  Chasing the championship doesn't happen right away, so when you finally do win it all after taking years of work, you might reflect and think that you were looking at it the wrong way.

Achievement brought me for example, to think more about my purpose in life and what I was doing as a coach because once I began to win, it didn't fill the void of what I thought was going to come of it.  I thought I was going to feel differently.

You can get to a point of now what enters your mind.  You might think of a parade coming for you and really it's just back to getting ready for the next season all of a sudden.  You ask yourself, now what?

I read a book on University of North Carolina Soccer Coach, Anson Dorrance, who has won so many national titles, more than 20.  

I read where after they win a title, a symbol that he gives his players, is a rose.  

To symbolize that the feeling of winning the title won't last long.

Think back to your last achievement?  

How long did that feeling last?

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